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Kadavu, Fiji

Kadavu, the fourth largest island in Fiji, yet the least developed, is ideal for those looking for an uninterrupted, rare vacation. While tourism is still in its infancy on the island, Kadavu hosts a world-famous reef, rugged mountainous terrain and untouched beaches, but is still only accessible by ferry or small boats. Adventurers can explore the island’s vast rainforest and rich bird species.

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Best of Kadavu

  • The Great Astrolabe Reef

    This renowned scuba spot is located on one of the largest barrier reefs in the world. For some of the best underwater sights, a trip to the Great Astrolabe Reef is a must! It houses some of the most pristine, colorful hard and soft corals and attracts marine life like manta rays, reef sharks and a variety of fish. Visibility on the reef is best from July to October but, because the reef is remote, the untouched nature creates great views, year-round!
  • Untouched Beaches

    Along the northern coast of Kadavu you’ll find serene beaches of white sand and deep blue seas. Long Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in all of Fiji and is, in fact, the longest strip of white sand in the island chain. Matana Beach is also a picture-perfect place to visit on the north coast.
  • Bird Watching

    Because Kadavu still has ¾ of its original rainforest, wildlife is abundant on the island, especially birds. Fiji hosts 27 different bird species, all of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world and 3 of those are only found on Kadavu. It’s not uncommon to see the Musk Parrot, Honeyeater or Fantail perched somewhere on the island! In fact, many avid bird watchers come to the island just to witness these beauties in their natural habitat.